When most people think of self-defense products, the first one that comes to mind is a handgun. The exact number of them is not known, but it has been estimated that there are over 210 million handguns in the United States which is more per ca-pita than any other country in the world. But for lots of reasons, many citizens don't like the idea of having a handgun in the house and they are not legal to carry everywhere.
That's where nonlethal self-defense products come in. They provide home protection and personal security for men and women, seniors and young adults alike in a less than lethal manner. Statistics show that one out of four women will be assaulted at some point in her life.
Statistics also show that in many instances nonlethal self-defense weapons can be more effective than a handgun.
Most women prefer nonlethal weapons and other self-defense products such as pepper spray, stun guns and other gear to the deadly force of a handgun which, in part, and accounts for the tremendous growth of the self-defense products industry. You cannot buy them everywhere. The best place to find them for sale is at an online store such as ours.