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Dog leash with attached pepper spray for self defense against dog attacks when outdoors walking your pet.The PAWS Pepper Spray Dog Leash
Mace muzzle spray offers effective protection against dog attacks.Mace muzzle image shows how to depress lever to spray for protection.
Sabre pepper spray for cyclist personal safety and self defense protection.Cyclist Pepper Spray with Adjustable Bike Strap
Walk stick with stun gun offers protection against dog and animal attacks while keeping your distance from danger.Manufacturer packaging for the Hike n Strike Stun gun so these can be shipped safely with no damage.
Electronic high frequency when used scares off dogs and animals while preventing dog attacks.Sonic animal chaser with button shown.
Ultrasonic Dog Repeller
Bear spray self defense protection when outdoors hiking, camping, hunting and more.SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray 9.2 oz
Guard Alaska powerful bear spray with effective spray distance 20 feet.Bear spray safety tab for the trigger to prevent accidental discharges.
Mace bear spray offers personal self defense protection when outdoors for women and men.Mace bear sprat is sealed and packed inside calm shell to assure safe shipping.
Bear spray holster with belt loop to safely carry personal protection when outdoors hunting, camping or hiking.Nylon Holster for 9 oz. Bear spray or 16 oz. Magnum Spray

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