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Flashlight batons are effective for nighttime use when light needed and personal protection if danger confronts you.Heavy hitter self defense bat with bright flashlight offers effective personal protection when needed.
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Sold by Self Defense Products Inc the Heavy Hitter Aluminum Bat Flashlight w/Adjustable Zoom for personal protection.Heavy hitter bat with light manufactured by Streetwise Security products.
Stun bats offer versatile personal protection for women and men safety.Stun bats offer versatile personal protection for women and men safety. Full view of product.
Streetwise LED Flashlight Baton with twist zoom, flashing signal light and powerful 220 lumens of bright light.Streetwise LED Flashlight Baton
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Flashlight bat baton option with heavy duty holster for homeowners and professionals personal self defense protection.Streetwise Heavy Hitter with Heavy Duty Holster
Flashlight batons are an alternative self defense weapons in-pace of using a stun gun baton and are legal where stun guns are not legal. Type III aluminum alloy self defense bat for personal protection.

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