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The Plegium pepper spray system is unique and includes strobe light, siren with pepper spray effective self defense option women and men. Plegium Combo (3 in 1) Pepper Spray Black Link to Smart Phone
The Plegium combo includes pepper spray, siren alarm, strobe light and links to you smart cell phone to send distress call when activated.Plegium Combo (3 in 1) Pepper Spray Pink Link to Smart Phone
Streetwise 18% Pepper Spray 1/2 oz Hard-case Case of 125Streetwise 18% Pepper Spray 1/2 oz Hard-case Case of 125
Small in size powerful in strength the Fire-master pepper spray for women and men self defense protection.Streetwise 18% Pepper Spray 3 Ounce Fire Master
Powerful law enforcement 23% strength pistol grip pepper spray with UV marking dye.Police Strength 23% Pepper Spray 16 oz Pistol Grip

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