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Taser Pulse for both women and men personal self defense protection from the distance.Taser Pulse
$339.99 $499.95
Taser PulseAxon-Taser
Lightweight AR500 Armor bulletproof backpack.Black lightweight bulletproof backpack for women and men of all ages personal safety.
Stun gun batons offer protection for women, men, your pets when on walks, and self defense at nighttime.Police Force Tactical Stun Baton Flashlight
Taser Pulse Plus clear with smart phone application that shares your GPS location when the Taser gun is used or fired.TASER Clear Pulse Plus Noonlight Emergency Response App.
Guard Dog Prosheild 2 black bulletproof backpack for all ages including boys, men and women.Bulletproof backpack for all ages women and men personal safety.
Lightweight AR500 Firebird bulletproof backpack for women and men of all ages personal safety.Black lightweight bulletproof backpack.

Self Defense Products Inc

Get the Personal Protection and Home Security needed to give you Peace of Mind. We offer Superior Non-Lethal Weapons and Supplies. Our Self Defense Products will keep you, your family and your assets safe.
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