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Taser Bolt and Pulse live round cartridges 2 pack sold by self defense products inc.TASER™ Bolt, Pulse and C2 Live Replacement Cartridges - 2 Pack
Save $3
TASER™ M26C/X26C/X26P Cartridges Live 2 Pack ReplacementTASER™ M26C/X26C/X26P Cartridges Live 2 Pack Replacement
Save $20
Taser X2 Defender 2-pack cartridges empowering you with one backup if needed to protect yourself from danger.TASER™ X2 Live 2-pack Replacement Cartridge
Taser 7 CQ Replacement Cartridge - 2-packTaser 7 CQ Replacement Cartridge - 2-pack
Save $54.96
2-Pack of Live Cartridges for Taser X2 SDP Inc Taser X2 live round 2 pack cartridges for law enforcement and civilian use.

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