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Streetwise Stunbrella Stun Flashlight Black SDP Inc  {{ }}Streetwise Stunbrella Stun Flashlight Black SDP Inc  {{ }}
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Umbrella with disguised stun gun inside offers protection for women and men self defense.Streetwise Stunbrella Stun Flashlight Black and Navy
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PSP Zap covert stun gun cane offers personal protection for both women and men self defense.ZAP Covert Cane Concealed Stun Gun
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PSP Zap walking cane with disguised stun gun power for personal safety protection.ZAP Cane 1 Million Volt
Taser Pulse for both women and men personal self defense protection from the distance.TASER™ Pulse 2 Self Defense High-Tech Subcompact Weapon
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TASER™ Pulse 2 Self Defense...Axon-Taser
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At about 2.5 inches tall this handy security device slips easily into a pocket or purse, can be used as a personal alarm for self defense.Streetwise Security loud alarm with PIR motion detection.
The Mace® Brand Screecher is an aerosol alarm that emits an ear-piercing 116dB shriek, readily recognized as an emergency call for help.Mace schreecher loud personal alarm for women and men safety.
Personal alarm for women and men self defense protection.Ear piecing sounds an alarm
Walk stick with stun gun offers protection against dog and animal attacks while keeping your distance from danger.Manufacturer packaging for the Hike n Strike Stun gun so these can be shipped safely with no damage.

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