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Personal alarm for women personal del defense and safety protection.Care Go Smart Personal Alarm w/ GPS Bluetooth Tracking - Aurora
911 Air Horn for Personal Safety when aremd souds off very loud alarm nosie to scare of would-be-attackers and alert others you need help.Max Pro Safety Horn emits a loud ear-piercing alarm to scare off threatening attackers and unfriendly animals.
Guard Dog Heartbeat Key-Chain Alarms delivers a screeching 130dB siren, audible over 400 feet away to fend off a potential attacker by bringing noise and attention to the situationColor Pink the  Guard Dog Heartbeat Key-Chain Alarm.
SABRE Portable Personal  Protection Alarm - Red Key Chain with Loud Attention Grabbing Alarm - Supports the Charity Rainn Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network).
The Mace® Brand Screecher is an aerosol alarm that emits an ear-piercing 116dB shriek, readily recognized as an emergency call for help.Mace schreecher loud personal alarm for women and men safety.
Mace Sports Strobe Personal Alarm 130 DB ideal for women to carry and if danger happens sound off the alarm to scare off attacker.
Pepper spray and personal key-chain alarm combo package in the color black.
SABRE personal alarm attaches to bag, key-chain or purse for easy access offering effective self defense protection for women.
Security is now as close as your keys. The Streetwise Panic Alarm features fast and simple squeeze and scare operation that allows you to quickly activate the alarm at the same time you grab the unit.Color black panic personal alarm use when there is a danger or threat.
Sapphire USB LED Light

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