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911 Air Horn for Personal Safety when aremd souds off very loud alarm nosie to scare of would-be-attackers and alert others you need help.Max Pro Safety Horn emits a loud ear-piercing alarm to scare off threatening attackers and unfriendly animals.
Stun gun baton option for women and men personal safety protection.Stun Master 12,000,000 Volts Stun Baton Black
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JPX 4 OC Cartridge Set of 4 Canisters
Guard Alaska powerful bear spray with effective spray distance 20 feet.Bear spray safety tab for the trigger to prevent accidental discharges.
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Always be prepared with this 5 in 1 Survival Knife with LED Flashlight & Fire starter you can count on this survival knife.Emergency survival multi-purpose knive.
The Firestorm yellow pepper gun with laser light effective self defense protection for women and men.FIRESTORM Yellow  JPX 4 Shot LE Defender Pepper Gun with Laser
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Guard Dog Prosheild 2 black bulletproof backpack for all ages including boys, men and women.Bulletproof backpack for all ages women and men personal safety.
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Emergency survival freeze dried vegetables that are also gluten free.
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8-N-1 Car Charger Power Bank Auto Safety Tool for autos and emergency survival kits.8 in 1 car safety tool.
Disposable Moist Wet Nap Towelettes ideal addition too add to your emergency survival kit and plan.
Emergency preparedness kits the 11 in 1 Multi-Functional Survival Tool.
This comprehensive first aid kit is packaged in a red plastic case that comes with a detachable wall mount, which allows you to put it in a convenient location for easy access in a time of need
84 Serving Breakfast & Entree Grab & Go Bucket84 Serving Breakfast & Entree Grab & Go Bucket
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Emergency vehicle and car battery back-up for charging and jump starting.
1440 Serving Wise Fruit Bucket packed in lock-in stacking buckets for compact storage and sealed in Mylar pouches.25 year shelf life.
Food bars have a 5 year shelf life. Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. Each package contains 6 individually wrapped bars containing 400 calories each.
This heavy duty 3 function tool is useful in any disaster situation, the hatchet is 13" long with a 6.5" easy-to-grip handle.
Basic 3 Day Survival KitThis basic survival 3 day kit contains the essential items you will need to help for 3 days in a disaster. It is packaged in a durable box to ensure that the items remain protected until they are needed.

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