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ZAP Blast KnucklesZAP Blast Knuckles
Exclusive stun gun and pepper spray self defense kit for women personal safety.Stun Gun and Pepper Spray Kit Black Perfume Protector
Black perfume protector stun gun for self defense protection.Streetwise Perfume Protector Stun Gun Black
Stun gun that also is a power bank and USB port charger.Stun Gun and Charge Power Bank Flashlight
PSP Zap covert stun gun cane offers personal protection for both women and men self defense.ZAP Covert Cane Concealed Stun Gun
PSP Zap walking cane with disguised stun gun power for personal safety protection.ZAP Cane 1 Million Volt
Disguised micro mini stun gun from UZI for personal self defense protection.
Guard Dog pink color disguised key-chain lipstick stun gun for women personal self defense protection.Guard Dog Electra 3000 Concealed Lipstick Stun (pink)
I Do Two Ring Stun GunI Do Two Ring Stun Gun
Safety Technology cell phone disguised stun gun for women and men self defense protection.Safety Technology cell phone disguised stun gun for women and men self shown in hand.
Razor Stun Gun Black n GreyRazor Stun Gun Black n Grey
Zap knuckles with strong powerful electrodes stun gun spikes for personal protection.Zap Blast Extreme Knuckle Stun Gun

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