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Multi purpose survival knife for camping, hunting, disaster survival and car safety with glass breaker & seat belt cutter.Car Safety Survival Knife Glass Breaker Seat Belt Cutter & LED Flashlight
Car safety tool in emergency breaks glass and cuts seat belt if trapped.Car Hammer
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8-N-1 Car Charger Power Bank Auto Safety Tool for autos and emergency survival kits.8 in 1 car safety tool.
Car safety preparedness should one day your vehicle battery goes dead or low of charge.
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Wireless car charger and holder. Shown with packaging.Wireless car charger and holder. Cell phone cradle shown.
Car safety bright yellow flag tool so others will see you during a car breakdown.Spot Me Flag
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GF Thunder Light Cap Light features a 135 lumen LED light housed in a tough black ABS plastic body with slide zoom and aluminum pivoting headGF Thunder Light with Pivoting Head
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911 Air Horn for Personal Safety when aremd souds off very loud alarm nosie to scare of would-be-attackers and alert others you need help.Max Pro Safety Horn emits a loud ear-piercing alarm to scare off threatening attackers and unfriendly animals.
Auto emergency preparedness survival kit never be stranded without these essential items in the trunk of your car.Guardian Auto Kit
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This large duffle bag features multiple pockets and wheels for easy mobility. Individual components are placed in waterproof bags and neatly organized in the wheel bag for easy access. Never be stranded without these essential items in the trunk of your car. Hand-assembled in the USA.Family Road Guardian Emergency Kit
Car battery jumper cables good idea to own two pairs; one set for everyday availability and one set kept with your emergency survival kit.
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Emergency vehicle and car battery back-up for charging and jump starting.
Rear view mirror for cars and trucks with secret hidden spy camera.All of the parts for the rear view mirror with hidden spy cameras for use with cars, trucks and vehicles.

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